19th Century Barn

This late 19th Century Barn between oak and pecan trees is still standing on the Joffrion farm in Longbridge, Louisiana on Bayou de Glaise at Hwy 29 and LA415.

6 thoughts on “19th Century Barn

  1. I love the barn and the photo as well, but I am playing favorites, I’m a Joffrion and grew up playing in this barn. By the way this was built a century ago to replace one that burned on same site. The original barn was three stories: first floor was all stalls (150 plus) for horses, mules and prize bulls, the second and third floors were for storing grain and hay.

  2. Wow, I can remember loading the barn with hay when I was growing up. There’s a large hole in the center of the drive thru to toss the hay up through. Pop (Sidney S. Joffrion Sr.) was a big cattleman and had it filled with feed and hay for all the cattle. I remember dad (Sidney S. Joffrion Jr.) telling me about the day one of Pop’s bulls chased him around the barn. You didn’t mess with the bulls. Thanks for the link Big Brother (Sidney S Joffrion III) and thanks Homer, this brings lots of great memories.

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