Weekly Photo Challenge: Internal Reflection of the Background

IMG_2030 - Copy

The following image is the result and an excellent example, albeit unintentional, of internal reflection.  While shooting some interior images of a locked small rural church, I used the angled viewscreen on the camera, held it high and placed the lens directly against the wavy panes in the old lead windows, depending solely on the camera’s autofocus and autoexposure settings.  With the camera lens tight against the glass, the recorded peripheral reflections are from the internal reflection of the glass pane.  The angle of incidence of the peripheral images (grass, sky, trees, edges of the camera, my forehead)  is still great enough that they travel through the front surface of the pane but are reflected off the posterior interface of the pane back into the camera lens.


US Navy T-28 Trojan

Riding by Albert Whitted airport in downtown St. Pete on Sunday morning I saw this radial engine plane approaching the threshold for take-off and had to snap a few shots. It is one of the Navy’s two-seat T-28 trainers used post WWII for primary flight training after the retirement of the AT-6 Texan. It is among the last generation of US warbirds that used a gas piston radial engine, in this case a 1400hp 9-cylinder Cyclone swinging a 3-bladed prop. There really isn’t anything that sounds like a large cylinder radial motor thumping up to take-off rpms.

Offshore Storms

Offshore storms taking on pale reds in high, late morning light.

I hate to keep doing this to y’all, but Madiera Beach and Gulf Boulevard are one of my regular motorcycle rides and just 15 minutes from the house.  I do love living in Florida.  Don’t be a hater.

The Jose Gaspar

Tampa’s own 165′ steel replica of a buccanner’s ship, the Jose Gaspar berthed on historical Bayshore Boulevard.

The Jose Garpar’s conquest legend.  The ship was commissioned in 1954.  It appears that the 1986 bounty must have involved more than taking the mayor hostage and keeping the key to the city.