Orange Blossom Time in South Florida

It’s too bad smell-o-blog or scratch-n-sniff internet hasn’t been invented yet.  These photos fall short in sharing the full sensory experience that is an orange orchard this time of year.  It is the most amazing smell.  It is heavy, rich and pungently sweet.  The closest you might come to experiencing this smell outside the orchard is opening a jar of fresh orange blossom honey, something everyone should try anyway.




5 thoughts on “Orange Blossom Time in South Florida

  1. I recently drove between Orlando and Gainesville where mile after mile of Orange groves used to be. They are long gone, and I miss those days when the smell of the sweet orange nectar filled your car along the way.

  2. I used to live in Florida and remember the smell well. I now live in New Hampshire and have an apple orchard. Another wonderful smell when the apple trees are in bloom.

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