Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Shot from inside a room cut with steam hoses into the Oberer Grindelwaldgletscher (upper glacier at Grindelwald, Switzerland).  Canon F-1N exposure unrecorded on Kodak Ektachrome 100 slide film.  Summer 1987.


The Jose Gaspar

Tampa’s own 165′ steel replica of a buccanner’s ship, the Jose Gaspar berthed on historical Bayshore Boulevard.

The Jose Garpar’s conquest legend.  The ship was commissioned in 1954.  It appears that the 1986 bounty must have involved more than taking the mayor hostage and keeping the key to the city.

Musings from the Darkroom: Does this thing shoot far?

My most favorite example of geographical dialect confusion comes from Chilton County, Alabama.  A co-worker of mine in Birmingham who lived south of the city on a large farm in rural Chilton County was birthday present shopping for her little brother at the local Walmart in the county seat, Clanton.  In the toy section, she closely examined all the various models of super soaker water guns with which a young boy could ever hope to terrorize his sisters.  Pumping the action of the magnum version, she asked the woman working toys, “does this thing shoot far?”  To which the astonished employee responded, “Oh NO MA’AM, it just shoots WATER!”

Jake’s Tackle Shop

I passed this sporting goods establishment on hwy 121 in Sonoma Valley on my last trip into wine country.  You can imagine my disappointment at it being ‘close.’

Edit in:  I particularly like the subtle details in this photo:   the wicker trunk, the pitch fork holding up the sign post and the blender bottom.  Do you think maybe it’s the bottom half of a bass-o-matic?  I’m thinkin’ that Jake deserves an honorary southern passport with official good-ole-boy status.