Seal Rocks at Cliff House

Sepia tones inspired by this photo from:

Photographed from the Cliff House overlook:

Here is the original color image

and post-processed in black and white.

I think I like the sepia toned image the best.  What little editing I do, I do with Windows Live Photo Gallery.  I eventually plan to get photoshop so I can edit Canon raw images, but haven’t spent the money yet.

13 thoughts on “Seal Rocks at Cliff House

  1. Nice work on them all, for just playing around and learning try GIMP or Photoscape which are free and offer a lot of features, much more than you’ll find on windows. GIMP is much more difficult to use at least for me and Photoscape seems to work best for me when I need it.

  2. Ahh, I love SEPIA for this series – a very nice tint that is not over bearing – great job!

  3. I agree with the above comments. I like the sepia tone and it’s really cool that you found the same spot to take the picture. A straight horizon makes it even better – great job!

  4. It’s worth the money 🙂 I prefer the BW, by the way!
    I use Lightroom, and even though it takes time to get used to, holy cow has it made my life easier! Check it out (it’s worth the money, too).

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