Musings from the Darkroom: Dog Days II – To Sing a Mockingbird

Friday morning, in his favorite perch in the bush under the foxtail palm, this fellow greeted me with news that the Dog Days of Summer are officially over.  This is the first time he’s sung in weeks.  The timing is uncanny with Friday being September 21st, the last day of Summer.  Below, he is yelping from atop the tallest tree in the neighborhood.

Big Max and the Museum of Fine Arts

Big Max, a modern art steel sculpture by John Henry

The Kapok tree at the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts


Orange Blossom Time in South Florida

It’s too bad smell-o-blog or scratch-n-sniff internet hasn’t been invented yet.  These photos fall short in sharing the full sensory experience that is an orange orchard this time of year.  It is the most amazing smell.  It is heavy, rich and pungently sweet.  The closest you might come to experiencing this smell outside the orchard is opening a jar of fresh orange blossom honey, something everyone should try anyway.