Canton Bend United Methodist Church

This beautiful little church, Canton Bend UMC is in northern Wilcox County, Alabama between Katherine and Camden on Hwy 28 just off the Alabama River.

I wanted some images from inside the church but it was locked up tight.  Using the angled viewscreen on the camera, I held it high and placed the lens directly against the wavy panes in the old leaded windows, depending solely on the camera’s autofocus and autoexposure settings.   The following images are the result and an excellent example, albeit unintentional, of internal reflection.  With the camera lens tight against the glass, the recorded peripheral reflections are from the internal reflection of the glass pane.  The angle of incidence of the peripheral images (grass, sky, trees, edges of the camera, etc.)  is still great enough that they travel through the front surface of the pane but are reflected off the posterior interface of the pane back into the camera lens.  It made for some interesting images and at at least one self-portrait of my forehead.

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