3 thoughts on “Old Depot at Lettsworth, Louisiana

  1. Perfect subject for B&W. Looks like there was a junction here in the distant past. The track seems well used so I guess the KCS is doing ok. Shot full of interest 🙂

  2. The black & white is not the depot. It was the community store The depot was where the siding is across the tracks from the store. There was not a junction there. That is a siding. The depot was removed and put on a lot off of what was La.1. “New” La.1 bypassed that stretch of road. The depot was removed from the lot and someone in the immediate area has it. I believe it is down La.919, but have not verified that. A side note: Buddy Guy, the famous blues guitarist & actor, is from there and probably visited that store. Lettsworth is a short distance from where there was a tragic train collision. One was a troop train. And, the mention of a junction reminded me, there was a very important one up those rails at Torras Junction. Visit my blog and you can find all of that.

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