The Jose Gaspar

Tampa’s own 165′ steel replica of a buccanner’s ship, the Jose Gaspar berthed on historical Bayshore Boulevard.

The Jose Garpar’s conquest legend.  The ship was commissioned in 1954.  It appears that the 1986 bounty must have involved more than taking the mayor hostage and keeping the key to the city.

The schooner Grand Nellie

A couple more photos from last weekend in St. Pete.  This is the schooner rigged Grand Nellie.   I normally leave the camera on the 80 ASA setting but shot this one, by accident, with it still on 400 and with the sun still fairly high.  The original color image is a little overexposed, a little grainy…an ok photo at best.  However, converted to b&w the grain makes it look more like a vintage Tri-X film shot (as much as a digital image can look like Tri-X).

Schooners are pretty rare, but there was another one out on the bay that day.


St. Pete Yacht Basin

More photos from the St. Pete waterfront this past weekend.

East, towards the harbor entrance.

The Museum of Fine Arts and the historical Vinoy Renaissance Hotel.

These two photos are good examples of why you keep shooting.  They are good, I think, but compositionally not as interesting as the top photo.


Seal Rocks at Cliff House

Sepia tones inspired by this photo from:

Photographed from the Cliff House overlook:

Here is the original color image

and post-processed in black and white.

I think I like the sepia toned image the best.  What little editing I do, I do with Windows Live Photo Gallery.  I eventually plan to get photoshop so I can edit Canon raw images, but haven’t spent the money yet.

forbidden isle


here in the middle of life’s journey

long since having departed the safe harbor

of youth and youthful decisions

sailing deep into uncharted seas

i find myself willingly moored

in the warm waters

of a forbidden isle

i should weigh anchor

and run with the wind

fleeing these sandy shores

but i don’t

i am hopelessly lost

in your gentle terrain

in the soft breeze of your breath

and in the deep emerald waters

of your eyes