Honor System Bird House Sale


Just a short distance down the road from the schoolhouse, helicopter, and red flowering weed photo location, I passed this roadside establishment.  I almost didn’t stop after having just taken some time out of my already long drive for the previous photos, but stopped the car and turned around anyway.  The sign says:

“Note” Get what you want, put money or check in box…Wilson Meadows…Honor System, Thank You and God Bless you and yours

How refreshing it is to see something that honest and trusting in this day and time.

Not too long after getting out with my camera, this nice elderly gentleman came out to greet me.  He was more interested in talking than selling birdhouses.  I enjoyed a delightful visit with him.  He is 88 years old and a retired Baptist pastor.  Convincing him I knew Jesus made it a little easier to get away when I was ready to go.  I was born and reared in the middle of the Bible Belt, we’ve met.


Retired Reverend Wilson Meadows, proprietor


Rev. Meadows proudly showing me one of his popular models, a double birdhouse fashioned after ‘dogtrot’ type shacks of yesteryear.  I reckon this would be a ‘birdtrot’ model.


After picking out a couple of bluebird houses for my parents place, I said my goodbyes and he cranked up the Craftsman to haul it all in the barn for the night.  I don’t think I have ever regretted the extra time taken to stop the car, turn around and go get the picture.  I didn’t this time either.  Thank you and God bless you and yours, Rev. Meadows.