Book Review: Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge by Ramey Channell


I haven’t done a book review on my blog before now.  But one of my followers is a writer and after looking at her site I had to get her book.  Thanks to Amazon, I managed to procure a signed copy, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

It has been said that in the South there is no denial of colorful family characters.  It only matters from which side they come and how best to show them off.  Well, Miss Ramey has opened the door and invited us all in the parlor for a refreshing glass of sweet ice tea while she trots out the best of Eden and Moonlight Ridge for our enjoyment.  I love southern writers, southern characters and southern stories.  Lilly Claire’s had me from the get go and left me wanting more, and so will you.  It just goes to show you, there are still some great southern stories being told.