Another Dad Self-Portrait


Another Self-portrait by Dad…some 60 years ago.  Dad was working the flat-top, cuffed jeans and the cowboy boots.  He’s been gone a year now this week.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think, “I need to show this photo to Dad,” or “I need to call Dad and tell him that joke.”  Damn, I miss him.  I think this was shot on the 2 1/4 square Minolta twin lens and cropped on printing.

2 thoughts on “Another Dad Self-Portrait

  1. Hi ! just wondering seeing pics surfing the internet I discovered your blog. This entry very well written, simply, but very touching remember my own dad pictures. I still have him with me but I feel for not so more time. I also remember being a kid standing by his hip earing him loading the developing tank and later counting time together . Ah photogtaphy is not only pressing the shutter!
    Thank for posting this! i’ll keep reading your site whenever i can.
    Greeting from the very true soth (Argentina in Southamerica). and sorry for my english!

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