Weekly Photo Challenge: Humbly Abandoned

IMG_3962 - Copy

The front of this establishment was a store not far from the home in which I was reared.  On a recent trip home, I was surprised to see it is still standing.


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Humbly Abandoned

    • Thank you Vonn Scott. When I look at an image that I have taken that I think would be best represented monochromatically, I try and make it look like it was shot with Plus-x film. If the shot contains a wide range of contrasts like the shady porch and the sun exposed side of the house in this image, the first thing I do is choose the filter for b&w, usually yellow or orange, sometimes red, but hardly ever the ‘monochrome’ setting. Next, I reduce the highlights to the point so that the hot spots are washed out as little as possible without flattening the shadows too much. On this image it was reduced quite a bit. Next, I crank up the shadows a little so that everything I want in the shadows is well exposed but not unnaturally ‘light.’ And lastly, I ramp up the contrast to what I recall a grade 3 contrast paper would look like when using about a 3+ filter. If you never used those, I would simply ramp up the contrast until the image doesn’t look ‘natural’ or ‘right’ and back it down until it does…very subjective but trust your own eyes just like you do for composition. There are some that don’t like the contrast levels I chose for my B&W. I chalk that up to a whole generation of digital photographers having grown up with flat digital images. Well, there it is…you asked! As always, thanks for your comments.

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