Musings from the Darkroom: Famous Name Game

I’ve been spending lots of time in the car with the girls.  One of our favorite pass-times is the famous name game.  For the uninitiated, the name of a famous personality is called and the first letter of the last name becomes the first letter of the first name to be used by the next contestant.  Our rules:  No repeats.  Initials are allowed only if common.  Character names are also permitted if properly cited. The “famous” part can be challenged and disallowed by consensus.

I always try to be educational by naming authors, presidents and older movie actors and singers but wasn’t above using Sheldon Cooper when stuck on yet another S name.  My 18 year-old is very competitive and instituted a 20 second rule.  The 10 year-old was allowed sole possession of Disney Channel actors and characters, but surprised us when she called me on incorrectly naming Star Wars’ sound track composer Robert Williams instead of John Williams.  Here are some recent highlights:

“Roberta Flack”

“She sang Killing Me Softly when it was first a hit in the early 70’s.”

“They had hits back in the 70s?”


“Orville Wright”

“Dad, didn’t you mean Orville Redenbacher?”

“No, Wilbur’s brother…just what do they teach y’all in school?”


“F. Scott Fitzgerald”

(blank stares)

“You know…The Great Gatsby?”

“He didn’t direct The Great Gatsby!”


“Dad, are you gay?  You don’t know who Sofia Vergara is?”


5 thoughts on “Musings from the Darkroom: Famous Name Game

  1. LOL! My niece thinks the great gatsby is a new film with DiCaprio, and I went to a restaraunt last week and the 20 something waitress asked if I wanted a table or a booth and I said I wanted the John Wilkes and she just stared at me, I’m getting older by the minute. Thanks for checking out my blog..:-)

  2. A neat game that your daughters wouldl thrash me at. I continuously have to be careful when talking to Customers, clients and models. They remind me how old I really am (compared to them). An example: While in a photo session I liked how a shadow was cast when the model pulled on an old floppy hat. I said “this is a black and white shot” it brings me back to a song from year of the cat” and I quoted, “on a morning from a Bogart movie – in a country where they turned back time – you go strolling thru the crowd like Peter Lorre investigating a crime” ….and she stared at me blankly…. The song gave me the mood, but not her…she wasn’t born when Stewart sang that. And I was again reminded how darn old I am…. And you go reminding me again.

  3. Yes… we get to stage in our lives when our kids have strange ideas about our sexuality… I have (almost adult) boys… when I point a camera at a flower or butterfly I instantly turn gay… and they don’t seem to mind informing those within earshot of their father’s deviance… 😉

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