The Pat & Mac #3


The P & M Number 3 is a steam locomotive (2-8-0) that worked the Patterson & McInnis saw mill in Florida until sometime in the 50s .  She originally burned wood but was later converted to oil and rests with her tender alongside Hwy 19 in Gulf Hammock, Florida.

Star D Conquest “Tiltall” by Davidson


My father’s Davidson Star D Conquest tripod purchased in the mid 1950s.


The trademark star with the stamped D on the swiveling crank handle.


Sometime after the invention and production of the Tiltall design by the Marchioni Brothers in the 1940s and before the sale of the design to Leitz (Leica), Davidson produced their own version of this longstanding excellent design.  This one is over 60 years old, is solid as a rock, functions as well as it did when purchased, and has outlasted several of my own.

Update:  I found the original manual in Dad’s stuff…