Film Camera – SLRs: Canon F-1n


Canon’s final iteration of their flagship professional 35mm film camera before the autofocus EOS (and popular by manual focus amateur and professional fans long after the EOS), the Canon F-1n.  New in 1983 the body without lens was $600.  As a serious amateur photographer, this was my primary camera for 20+ years, until I finally boarded the new millenium’s digital train.   The F-1n and the A-1 were always loaded (one with Kodachrome and the other with Plus-x) and in my bag with assorted FD lenses, a couple of Vivitar flashes, and accoutrements.

I won’t take the time to espouse all her virtues, but it and the available accessories was the  consummate professional camera of its time.  It has interchangeable viewfinders, focusing and metering screens.  The Titanium shutter is electronically coupled from 8 seconds to 1/2000.  X-sync is 1/90.  With the battery removed the shutter could still be released mechanically from 1/90 to 1/2000, a feature that saved the photo for me more than once.  It is pictured here with the lens to which it was primarily married for all those years, a Tokina 35-135mm f3.5 zoom.

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