Film Camera – SLRs: Canon A-1


My first A-series Canon was actually the AE-1.  It is the only one of my cameras I do not still have.  After moving up to this A-series flagship, the A-1, I traded my AE-1 for my very first computer, a Commodore 64!   It is pictured with the fast f1.4 50mm lens.  That lens is still one of the best pieces of glass I own…I have never been able to find a single flaw in this lens.

The A-1 is the very first camera to offer fully automatic, light meter coupled, microprocessor programmed selection of both aperture settings and the 30 seconds to 1/1000 shutter speeds.  True auto exposure for the very first time.  Shutter release is fully electronic, requiring the 6v photo cell.  X-sync is 1/60th second.

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