Film Cameras: My First – The Argus C3


Top: The Brick                                                Bottom: with the original never-ready case


Sometime early in my second decade(early 70’s), I asked Dad for a camera.  He questioned me, “do you just want to snap pictures or do you want to learn to take photographs?” I told him I wanted to take photos like I saw in National Geographic and Life Magazine.  He replied, “well, let’s just see what you can do with this?” Along with a brief explanation of film sensitivity and controlling exposure with aperture and shutter speed, he gave me a hand-held light meter and this Argus C3, 50mm, f3.5, 35mm film camera.  The light meter has been lost but the camera survives and works as well as it did when Dad bought it in a pawn shop on Government Street in Mobile, Alabama in the early 50’s.

2 thoughts on “Film Cameras: My First – The Argus C3

  1. From such aspirations, oak trees grow. your father believed in you and the results are self-evident. You realised your ambition

  2. What a beautiful camera! I have been slowly collecting the older film cameras because of the uniqueness of the cameras and the images they produce. I hope you are still using it and would love to see some of your photos from it.

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