Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

Sorry, I’m a little late getting to this challenge, this holiday threw us a curve.  Mother had a heart attack Wednesday before Thanksgiving, had stents placed, and is already home doing remarkably well.  This photo is her and dad taken the first year of their marriage almost 60 years ago.  The bottom photo was taken this Spring.  I have many things for which I am truly thankful, but regardless of health and quality of life issues, I am most thankful they are still with us.

35 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

  1. Love your blog! Love your photos! At first i thought it was a black and white of you:) You certainly resemble your dad. Hope your mom has a full recovery!

  2. Agree with all the comments, this is a sweet post. I am very thankful for my parents and my families health as well.
    As a side note, in the old b&w photo your Dad looks like Jeremy Renner.

    Happy Dec.1 !

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