Matthews Hardware Co.

In a time before cyber Monday, black Friday, malls, mega malls, outlet malls, big box stores, shopping centers and even the five-and-dime, there was the hardware store. For many communities, it was at the hardware store or it was mail ordered.  Come Christmas time, all a kid needed to work up a good letter to Santa was the Sears Christmas catalog and a few minutes gazing in the front window of the local hardware store.  I found this one all decorated up for Christmas and catty-cornered from the Wilcox County Courthouse on State Hwy 28 in Camden, Alabama.

Notice the stock left out on the sidewalk overnight in the first picture. It is indeed a look back at a more simple time.

3 thoughts on “Matthews Hardware Co.

  1. Great job on capturing this Main Street, USA store. These types of stores are the best. We visit several stores like this in north Alabama when visiting family. I love the sound of the wood floor creaking beneath your feet instead of the sound of mall music.

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