5 thoughts on “Hummingbird

  1. Out here on the west coast (Everett, WA) it looks like I’m going to have Anna’s hummingbirds wintering over in my yard. Our hummingbird feeder is right outside of my bedroom window and I begin every morning with a sleepy eye on these tiny little birds. I’m watching two of them as I type this comment. What fun!

  2. Hummingbirds are itty-bitty tiny great subjects. Love your photos. We have Anna’s hummingbirds that stay here year round. They scold me if the feeder is running low. 😉

  3. Great job capturing such clear photos. I only ever had one chance to “shoot” a hummingbird and by the time I powered up my camera it was gone! I’m thinking a feeder in the yard might increase the odds of success!

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