Musings from the Darkroom: Life Axioms – Aging

Truisms continue to reveal themselves, often while thinking about photography, taking or admiring photos and sometimes in the solitude of my laptop virtual darkroom.

Life Axiom:  It’s a sad day when you get to the point where you can comb your hair with a towel.

Musings from the Darkroom: Dog Days II – To Sing a Mockingbird

Friday morning, in his favorite perch in the bush under the foxtail palm, this fellow greeted me with news that the Dog Days of Summer are officially over.  This is the first time he’s sung in weeks.  The timing is uncanny with Friday being September 21st, the last day of Summer.  Below, he is yelping from atop the tallest tree in the neighborhood.

Hershel’s Quick Stop

Again, one of my favorite subjects, the country store.  All the better when they also sell fishing tackle.  Everything a good ol’ boy like myself could need.  Unfortunately, they stopped selling gas about 3 dollars ago.  I found this gem in Otter Creek, Florida on US Hwy 19 at CR24.  It is just across 24 from the Otter Creek Post Office.