New T4i Sunset

I picked up the new T4i late this afternoon and got the battery fully charged just in time to catch this sunset out of the backyard with the camera on full auto for now.

5 thoughts on “New T4i Sunset

  1. I am sure our sun set here in The Commonwealth was as lovely….if we could have seen but for the rain! Rain, flood still equals no sunset so I am glad I got to see it from your corner of the world! Fully auto notwithstanding the shot is very nice and thanks for sharing.

  2. Now that you’ve had the T4i for a few weeks what are your impressions? Been considering upgrading from the t1i – not sure if I’m going to go to the t4i because the video aspects don’t excite me since I’m more interested in the Photography end of it. Anyways, would love to get your impressions of the camera – which camera did you upgrade from?

    Nice sunset shot by the way!

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