Offshore Storms

Offshore storms taking on pale reds in high, late morning light.

I hate to keep doing this to y’all, but Madiera Beach and Gulf Boulevard are one of my regular motorcycle rides and just 15 minutes from the house.  I do love living in Florida.  Don’t be a hater.

9 thoughts on “Offshore Storms

    • I completely agree. I don’t care much for the other coast, but I do love the gulf coast of Florida. By the way, can you really claim to have been a beach bum having lived on Redington Beach? 😉

      • Great observation, you got me there! But back in the 60s I lived on Sunset Beach, which we used to refer to as ‘Hippie Beach.’ Does that count? 🙂

  1. Nice to see some sun and blue sky. We have been getting pretty used to foggy wet mornings and thundershowers in the afternoons here in the northwest. Still, on those days where the sun does appear, it makes you appreciate it even more. We have a motorcycle trip up into the Canadian Rockies planned for August so we got to get this weather sorted out by then.

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