Hello fellow photobloggers…a couple of questions.

  1. Where do you hear about the weekly photo challenge?
  2. When I first started posting photos, the post always showed up in the topic ‘Photography’.  However lately, I’ve noticed even though I categorize it in Photography and tag it photography, it doesn’t show up.  Obviously, those of you that are following me are seeing it, but I’m not sure anyone else does.  I was wondering if there were rules for categories and tags?  I haven’t been able to find any. Tags for this post are typical.

10 thoughts on “Hello fellow photobloggers…a couple of questions.

  1. Hi. I started noticing my blog was not getting picked up by the tag crawler even though I always tag every post with ‘photography.’ So months ago I wrote WP support and they wrote back that there are so many people tagging blogs with photography and posting simultaneously that it can’t pick up every one. Their suggestion was to also use another tag like “photos” or “photo” or “photo2.” That way one of those tags should get picked up. I do notice that my posts get picked up on the photography page randomly. Some times of the day are busier than others and that’s usually when my posts run a greater chance of not showing up on the main photography page. (Grrrrrr) And on another note, it seems they’ve changed the format and the topics pages look totally different …. and I hate it. They used to have about 12-14 thumbnail sized pictures per page, but now it appears you have to scroll down through a long list. It’s far too tedious and it stinks. Anyway, hope this helps.

  2. I learn about the weekly photo challenge when I open my blogging-related email address and see 4 or 5 or more emails with the subject line “Weekly Photo Challenge: xxxxx” announcing new blog posts from bloggers I follow (one of those is the WordPress blog).

    As for getting picked up in the “Photography” topic, I’m not entirely sure I know what that means. It sounds like there’s another aspect to the WordPress community that I should go investigate.

  3. Hya, the weekly photo challenge is posted every Friday on The Daily Post at WordPress – here’s the current challenge http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/05/04/weekly-photo-challenge-unfocused/ When you go to that page, click the Follow button at the top and their posts will show up in your Reader. Just check in every Friday to find out the new theme. The rules are pretty simple, title your post Weekly Photo Challenge – (Theme) – include a link to their page so your pingback shows up on their page and tag it ‘postaday’.

    Re the tagging issue, I always tag my stuff Photography Photos Pictures and have never had a problem with it showing up. Of course, that was before they moved the Topics tag to the Reader – hope they fix that soon.

  4. So there is something brewing. No wonder I experienced some changes. I did recall now about the photo challenge but I never read through because I’m not interested in it. WordPress is quite happy changing format every now and then I guess.

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