OK, Enough with the Flowers Already!

Easter with family, walking in the hood, buying petrol or just relaxing in the backyard, it seems all I have my camera pointed at this Spring are flowers.  Here’s the rest of them, no more, I promise.

I really enjoy my Desert Rose, this was shot the same time as the B&W I posted earlier.

Other Easter Lily Shots

Easter table Bouquet in Direct, Overhead Sunlight

More Gold Bougainvillea

This house in the neighborhood is all overgrown most of the year, but oh my, how nice it all looks in the Spring!

Unnamed Purple Ground Covers

Firecracker Bush


Backlit, Flowering, Red Bougainvillea

Gas Station Rose Bush

Red Velvet

Another Gas Station Rose

Flowering Kapok Tree

18 thoughts on “OK, Enough with the Flowers Already!

  1. When I first saw the heading for your post, I thought “Is he talking about me?” I’ve had a lot of flowers lately also but remember, in a few weeks they won’t be around anymore. Here, everything just becomes a different shade of green. You do a great job of capturing those flowers and the colors really pop. Great photography and writing on your blog!

  2. Love your stories and I love the flower photos too. I was saying the same thing about my latest photos, but really you just want to catch the fleeting beauty like we all do – Spring is delicate, one strong wind, one heavy rain and the whole landscape changes. Enjoy your photos – I did.

  3. I feel colour-drunk looking at these! haha! I will try not to be envious. I stopped to take photos on a mountain road last week and the snow banks were still six feet high. In the valley the crocus is blooming though -all the more precious for it’s rare splash of colour. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  4. I have found myself afflicted with the same problem of shooting flowers A LOT this spring. Trying to do something more creative with it, but still just can’t help the basic “this is a beautiful flower” shot!

  5. Wow! What color!!! Nicely done!! I’m a fan of close ups, especially like the lilies. I’m hoping to get, what I refer to as, a micro lens where you can get VERY close to things. I liked the “gas station” roses. Haha. We love gas station cappuccino and gas station hot dogs so good things come from there! Loved the centerpiece in the sunlight!! Color explosion!! Those were fantastic! Thanks for stoppin by my site and following me. I hope you enjoy posting your work as much as I do! Keep up the great job!! I look forward to seeing more!!

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