The schooner Grand Nellie

A couple more photos from last weekend in St. Pete.  This is the schooner rigged Grand Nellie.   I normally leave the camera on the 80 ASA setting but shot this one, by accident, with it still on 400 and with the sun still fairly high.  The original color image is a little overexposed, a little grainy…an ok photo at best.  However, converted to b&w the grain makes it look more like a vintage Tri-X film shot (as much as a digital image can look like Tri-X).

Schooners are pretty rare, but there was another one out on the bay that day.


3 thoughts on “The schooner Grand Nellie

  1. Ahhh St Pete, such familiar scenes. I used to travel over the Skyway bridge on my way to school (Eckerd College, 2004-06) two or three times a week. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the pleasant memories!

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