Only in Louisiana: Home of the Drive-thru Daiquiri

Yes, frozen libations without ever having to leave the comfort and convenience of your automobile and public roadways.  Try the new hand grenade daiquiri, it’s sure to get you home safely!

Don’t forget to inquire about the hand painted velour wall hangings of your favorite sporting creature, but “Please” don’t delay the transaction; for quick and convenient service, have I.D.  And, keep it convenient for the ride home just in case you get stopped for driving with a frozen alcoholic beverage.  “But officer, it had a straw in it when they sold it to me.  You mean I wasn’t supposed to take the paper off the tip of the straw until I got home!?!”

11 thoughts on “Only in Louisiana: Home of the Drive-thru Daiquiri

  1. Wow. In Oregon (that’s ory gun 😉 ) it is against the law to drive with an open container of alcoholic beverage in the car. Not even your passenger in the back seat can get away with it. 😀

    • This is where it gets funny. In Louisiana, it IS against the law to have an open container in your vehicle. However, when you visit one of these drive-thru daiquiri places – they will place a piece of tape over the lid/straw hole which makes it an “unopened” container. Once the tape is removed or the straw hole is punctured – it then becomes an open container.

      The loopholes are quite interesting, to say the least.

  2. When we moved to our place six years ago, I was dumbfounded to see drive-thru liquor stores around here. Had never heard such a thing. Now frozen drinks on the go, oh my. You did make it funny though….lol.

  3. We have had these where I live forever, here they put the cup in a baggie and seal the end so it is not conconsidered open container. Texas must be stricter than Louisiana lol tape over the straw hole wouldn’t cut it here

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